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CenterPlace Health Protocol

As COVID-19 variants continue to spread, we want to ensure our community and patients are safe by following our response precautions. CenterPlace Health will continue to require masks be worn by patients and staff, regardless of their vaccination status.

Patients are screened for COVID-19 symptoms during their scheduling process before their appointment.

At the time of their appointment, patients will be screened once again for COVID-19 symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Please call (941) 529-0200 to schedule an appointment

Our providers are following CDC guidelines for the use of masks, gloves, and other protective gear.

All patients are required to wear a mask before entering the facility. If a patient is not wearing a mask, they will be asked to do so and provided with one.


Patients who are sick are instructed to use our Online Check-In System

If a patient is coming in for COVID-19 testing, they will have limited contact with others and be brought to a special room which prevents internal air from leaving the space. Sometimes our providers are even able to meet patients in their car to conduct testing. This is why it is important to call first.

We are using Telehealth for non-urgent appointments.

Wear a mask. If your guests are above the age of 3 years old, have them wear a mask.

Call and schedule an appointment ahead of time.

Notify us immediately if you are displaying any of the following symptoms: fever, loss of taste or smell, respiratory illness including cough / difficulty breathing or any other severe symptoms related to COVID.

Socially distance yourself and remain 6 feet apart from others.

Wash your hands before you arrive and after you leave and avoid touching your face.

For patients and guests, CenterPlace Health requires masks be worn regardless of vaccination status.

Patients and guests may wear their own masks or can use a mask provided.

Clinic staff are required to wear a mask while in our buildings and/or providing care to a patient.

Call (941) 529-0200 to schedule an appointment. After you schedule the appointment, you’ll receive a welcome email from Qure4u with a username, password, and links to download the MyCarePlan

Yes. Please call 941.529.0200 to schedule an appointment at one of our locations.


Telehealth appointments are now available!

We have expanded our services and now provide some primary care and behavioral health services virtually.