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Primary Care Provider

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What is a Primary Care Provider?

A Primary Care Provider (PCP) is considered your main medical provider. The Primary Care Provider is responsible for dealing with the majority of your routine healthcare issues, coordinating care with specialists you may need to see and ensuring your insurance claims are reimbursed.

Depending on the type of health insurance you have, the health insurance may require you to have a Primary Care Provider. In order for CenterPlace Health to provide you with the best Healthcare Service it is important to ensure a provider at CenterPlace Health is listed as your Primary Care Provider.

What happens if a CenterPlace Health Provider is not listed as my Primary Care Provider?

If you do not have a CenterPlace Health Provider listed as your Primary Care Provider, CenterPlace Health will not be able to refer you to any specialists you may need to see. CenterPlace Health will receive a denial for your visit and the bill will ultimately end up as patient responsibility. Not having a CenterPlace Health Provider listed as your Primary Care Provider can cause barriers to receiving further healthcare and/or medications.

How can I update my Primary Care Provider to a CenterPlace Health Provider?

In order to update your Primary Care Provider, you will need to contact your insurance to do so. You can contact your insurance via telephone and/or through their website. Some insurance carries make the option to update your Primary Care Provider through websites and/or apps on your phone so it is quick and convenient. If you need assistance with updating your Primary Care Provider, please contact the CenterPlace Health Revenue Cycle Department by calling 941-529-0200 to have a specialist assist you.