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CenterPlace Health is now offering Telehealth services.

We have expanded our services and now provide some primary care and behavioral health services virtually via audio and video through Qure4U.

We are working with Qure4u, a digital platform with the tools you need to interact and optimize care before, during, and after office visits. Qure4u connects with AthenaHealth, the electronic medical record used by CenterPlace Health.

If your username or password do not work, or you cannot remember your password, please call Qure4U support at (888) 400-2730.

Telehealth available

Step 1 Schedule Your Appointment

To get started with a telehealth appointment, please request an appointment by calling (941) 529-0200.

Step 2 Set Up QURE4U Account

After scheduling the appointment, you will receive a Welcome Email with login details for the MyCarePlan app. The email will be sent to the email on file in the your chart in Athena.

  1. Patient receives Welcome Email with username, password, and links to download the MyCarePlan app
  2. Patient downloads MyCarePlan App on their personal device, either smartphone or tablet, by clicking the appropriate link in their email. a. Apple products are recommended b. Android products are supported
  3. Click Login to enter credentials
  4. Patient enters their Username and Password from welcome email and clicks Login
  5. You will be asked to change your password and set a security question
    • Password – make sure this is something you can remember or save it on a note on your device for future reference
    • Security Question – this is a question of your choice. Be sure it is a question you will remember the answer to.
  6. Click Submit
  7. You will then be successfully logged into the MyCarePlan app!